Thursday, June 17, 2010

One quiet week.

This week has been one of the most boring weeks I've had in a while.
Not only have I been sick, forcing me to stay at home on the couch, but one of my friends hasn't spoken to me all week and I have no idea whether or not we were still meeting up today. I don't mind having a quiet day bumming around in my pj's, but when it turns into an entire week... I mean, there's only so much day time telly I can take in one go. Not only are all the tv shows trashy, but I'm not even remotely interested in anything that is on. Thank goodness for the internet, right?


I need to start running, or jogging, or walking.. any form of exercise for that matter. I'm getting lazy, and I find it hard to sleep at night. I just can't find the motivation to get off my ass! And now that winter is here I have an excuse not do it. The funny thing is though, I absolutely love exercising. There's nothing more exhilarating than a good workout. And I know that once I get out there and start it's going to be so easy, so why is it so hard to get started to begin with?

I think I'm going to have another go at running when I'm feeling better. If I don't get some exercise and fresh into me soon, I'm going to end up a couch potato forever!

Wish me luck!

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